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How to Think Big?

The Magic of Thinking Big

(David J. Schwartz Ph.D.)


Believe You Can Succeed and You Will


Success is determined not so much by the size of one’s brain as it is by the size of one’s thinking. As Prophet David, who wrote, “As one thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Shakespeare, who observed, “There is nothing either good or bad except that thinking makes it so.”


Belief works this way, Belief, the “I’m-positive-I-can” attitude, generate the power, skill, and energy needed to do. When you believe I-can-do-it, the how-to-do-it develops. And believing you can succeed makes others place confidence in you.


The “Okay-I’ll-give-it-a-try-but-I-don’t-think-it-will-work” attitude produces failures.

Belief is the thermostats that regulate what we accomplish in life. Believe in yourself, and good things do start happening.


Our mind is a “thought factory”. It is a busy factory, producing countless thoughts in one day.


Two in-charge of our thought factory:

1. Mr. T – Triumph is in charge of manufacturing positive thoughts, he specializes in producing reasons why you can, why you’re qualified, and why you will.

2.  Mr. D – Defeat produces negative thoughts, expert in developing why you can’t, why you’re weak, why you’re inadequate and his specialty is “why-you-will-fail” chain of thoughts.

They are intensely/strongly obedient and sharp to attention, immediately all you have to do is signal or call.      


How to develop the power of Belief

1.  Think success, don’t think failure

      - Think, “I’ll win” not “I’ll probably lose”

      - I’m equal to the best not “I’m outclassed”

      - I can do it never “I can’t”

2.  Remind yourself regularly that you are better than you think you are.

Successful people are not superman; success does not require a super intellect, not   based on luck. Successful people are just ordinary folks who have developed belief in themselves, and what they do. Never sell yourself short.

3.      Believe Big. The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. Think little   goals and expect little achievements.



II.               Cure Yourself of Excusitis, the Failure Disease


Excusitis appears in a wide variety of forms, but the worst types of this disease are: health excusitis, intelligence excusitis, age excusitis and luck excusitis.


Vaccinate ourselves against excusities

1. “But My Health Isn’t Good”

     Health excusitis ranges all the way from the chronic/constant “I don’t feel good” to the more specific “I’ve got such-and-such wrong with me”, Bad health in a thousand different forms, is used as an excuse for failing to do what a person wants to do.


Four things you can do to lick/defeat health excusitis:

1.      Refuse to talk about your health. The more you talk about an ailment, even the        common cold, and the worst it seems to get. Talking about bad health is like putting fertilizer on weeds. Success-minded people defeat the natural tendency to talk about their bad health.

2.      Refuse to worry about your health.

3.      Be genuinely grateful that your health is as good as it is. There’s an old saying, “I felt sorry for myself because I had a ragged shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”

4.      Remind yourself often “It’s better to wear out than rust out” Life is yours to enjoy. Don’t waste it


2.  “But You’ve Got to Have Brains to Succeed”

      Intelligence excusitis or “I lack brains” is common (95% of people). Not many people will admit openly that they think they lack adequate intelligence, rather, they feel it deep down inside.


     Most of us make two basic errors with respect to intelligence.

1.      We under estimate our own brain power.

2.      We over estimate the other fellow’s brain power.

What really matters is not how much intelligence you have but how you use what you do have. The thinking that guides your intelligence is much more important than how much intelligence you may have. Interest, enthusiasm is the critical factor.


Three Ways to Cure Intelligence Excusitis.

1.      Never underestimate your own intelligence and never overestimate the intelligence of others. Remember, it’s not how many brains you’ve got that matters, it’s how you use your brains that counts.

2.      Remind yourself several times daily “My attitudes are more important than my intelligence.”

3.      Remember that the ability to think is of much greater value than the ability to memorize facts.                                        

3.  “It’s No Use. I’m Too Old (or Too Young)”

      Cure for age excusitis is:

1.      Look at your present age positively.

2.      Compute how much productive time you have left.

3.      Invest future time in doing what you really want to do.

It’s too late/early only when you let your mind go negative and think it’s too late. Stop thinking “I should have started years ago.” That’s failure thinking, Instead think “I’m going to start now, my best years are still ahead of me” that’s the way successful people think.


4.  “But My Case Is Different, I Attract Bad Luck.”           

      Two Ways to conquer this excusitis:

1.      Accept the law of cause and effect,

Don’t be a wishful thinker, Instead, just concentrate on developing those qualities in yourself that will make you a winner.       

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