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Analyzing Our Potential for Success

“Choose to be a participant in life, not just a spectator. We’re all here to make a difference, not just sit on the sidelines and be entertained.”


Analyzing Our Potential for Success


16 Questions that will help us seriously evaluating both ourselves and our attitude toward our career or business. Whether we work for someone else or ourselves and our personal development:                                                                      

                                                                                 Yes       No

    1.   Are you staying current in your field?                                   

    2.   Do you anticipate and plan for change?                           

    3.   Do you accept constructive/helpful criticism?                    

    4.   Do you have a personal work ethic?                                     

    5.   Are you a discipline worker?                                                  

    6.   Do you use common sense in making decisions?             

    7.   Do you keep expanding the inventory of your personal skills?

    8.   Are you confident in all that you do?                                      

    9.   Do you maintain excellent health?                                       

   10. Are you ethical/fair in your business practices?                 

   11. Do you colleague respect you?                                      

   12. Have you made a contingency plan for your income dev’t

          and long term family security?                                   

   13. Are you making use of all available resources to advance

          your career or business?                                              

   14. Do you continually challenge yourself with new dreams, goals,

         quotas, objectives and career or business targets?         

   15. Have you learned what kind of incentives you need to spur

         you on to work harder?                                                      

   16. Can you handle pressure by facing up to challenges and

         then overcoming them in a systematic way?                 

If you answer yes to nine of the questions, you are about average; if you said yes to twelve or more, you are well on your way to enjoying a successful life and career or business. By being honest with yourself, you will learn why you may not be giving that extra effort or why you are not measuring up to your performance potential. In some instances, you may discover that you lack the right kind of motivation, don’t have enough dreams and goals or that you’re too calm in your willingness to give it your all. These are all “curable” challenges, but before you make an effort to repair the individual parts, you first need to evaluate the whole; namely your basic concept of a work ethic. 

Positive producers are always digging up many stones as they can, by reading positive books, working more, meeting new people, prospecting new business, and helping others. In time, these “stones” will become “diamonds” like career development, business expansion, public recognition, and financial gain.

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