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Main » 2009 » January » 29 » Do you really want an Online Job?
Do you really want an Online Job?
5:28 PM

I highly recommend oDesk and GETaFreelancer


oDesk enables both buyers and providers of tech services to build business relationships around the world. This is possible due to a “pay by the hour” service which eases the lives of providers and buyers of services. Managers can oversee a project and chart progress with ease, and providers can rest assured of their payment.

WEBSITE:       oDesk.com

oDesk makes it simple for two categories of people. It helps buyers of technology services to hire, manage and pay technology service providers from around the world. Buyers track their projects via webcams and direct access to time slots and the work that their employees do, which enables them to manage almost as they would a local team.This kind of “on-demand” employment service is also a convenient alternative for workers in the technology industry. Employees search for work just as employers do, can track their payments and are in direct contact with their employers. oDesk seems to be an answer to many of the problems that users found with Elance. Both buyers and providers are given extensive information of the people they deal with, which includes a list of degrees and other certifications in addition to an independent reputation system and guesses as to rates of each individual.

Available jobs are:
Data Entry, Article Writing/Blogging
Website Designer/Development
Audio/Video Editing
Software Development
Graphic Designers (3D Modeling, CAD, Logo and Print Design)
Internet Researchers
Virtual/Executive Assistants and many more!

Signing up is free!

Here's how. . .
1. Just click the banner below
2. Create an account (it is free)
3. Sign-up as
"Freelance Provider" - to gain access to thousand of online jobs
"Buyer" - post a job for free and begin contracting providers
4. Fill up the Form
5. Complete your profile/resume - make it attractive and stand out
6. Take the required exam (readiness test)
7. Choose your payment methods (paypal, wire transfer or debit card) - how your earnings be credited in your account
* you can apply any of these payment methods rightaway after you have signed up
8. Find jobs
9. Apply for jobs and make your cover letter

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

If you have any questions just post a comment.


I signed up with GetAFreelancer a couple of years ago, yet I’ve only just completed my first project with them. This is my review of the experience.

Getting Started With GetAFreelancer

First of all, let me tell you why it’s taken me so long to get started.The first reason is because I was busy. I’ve hardly had any down time since I started freelancing. The second reason is because many of the projects on that site offer ludicrously low pay. I’m not just talking about 1 cent a word, but far, far less. Just like Elance and others, it’s an international freelance marketplace and you are competing with people who think that getting $1 for a 500 word article is a good rate.

If you never tried to contract work to another part of the world you have your chance today. Sign up free! A freelancer is an independent worker, not on salary, hired instead on a project basis. Buy services with help from our secure escrow system. Find freelance programmers, web designers, copywriters and translators. Would you like to outsource your next project? Would you like to make money as a freelancer? Click Sign Up to start!

GetAFreelancer provide a safe escrow environment and you don't release the money until project is completed. Their mission is to find the best possible freelance workers at the best possible price. The escrow feature is developed to protect both buyers and sellers.

Get custom programming done at GetAFreelancer.com!

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1 geng  
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