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When purpose ignites the spirit, it generates an inexhaustible fire that burns in the heart of every unstoppable person. That fire is passion.


By living on purpose and pursuing dreams and goals that are consistent with your natural strengths and desires, you can create unstoppable passion almost effortlessly. And when that happens, nothing can stop you.


“You have to find something that you love enough to be able to take risks, jump over the hurdles, and break through the brick walls that are always going to be placed in front of you, if you don’t have that kind of feeling for what it is you’re doing, you’ll stop at the first giant hurdle.” George Lucas


“We all face obstacles of one kind or another in life. But if you let your deepest passion serve as your fuel, you’ll be able to travel the road back and move on to make your dreams happen.” Dr. Francisco Bucio


“Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.” Diderot


“Doing something I really love has served my career more than anything else.” Stepen Connel with dyslexia often labeled “Slow” and “stupid” same as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Hans Andersen.


“Make sure that the career you choose is one you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy what your are doing, it will be difficult to give the extra time, effort and devotion it takes to be a success. If it is a career that you find fun and enjoyable, then you will do whatever it takes. You will give freely of your time and effort and you will not feel that you are making a sacrifice in order to be a success.” Kathy Whitworth, Professional Golfer


“Many of us are afraid to follow our passions, to pursue what we want most because it means taking risks and even facing failure. But to pursue your passion with all your heart and soul is success in itself. The greatest failure is to have never really tried.”


“I would rather be a failure doing something I love than be a success doing something I hate.” George Burns


“If you want to achieve great things in your life, you have to take risks. The first risk is daring to feel deeply, to be passionate about what you want and care about. Enthusiasm is the key to breaking through barriers, whether your dream is to touch one person or millions. Ken Kragen organizer of We Are The World 5.5 millions hands in hands for 4000 miles across 17 states.


“Do not allowed ourselves to be define or limited by others. Follow your passion, follow your heart. They will lead you to the place you want to go.” Evelyn Glennie deaf soloist pianist


 Your Personal Action Plan : ... Read more »

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“Some people bring out the best in you in a way that you might never have fully realized on your own.”


“You are destined for greatness and you can do anything in life if you’re willing to work hard enough to get it.”


“You may not started out life in the best of circumstances. But if you can find a mission in life worth working for and believe in yourself, nothing can stop you from achieving success.” Kemmons Wilson


“When you come across challenges when pursuing a goal, stay focused on your purpose, and remains determined to deal with whatever comes your way. If you hang in there, your sense of purpose will inspired others, and together, you’ll be unstoppable”. Wayne Barton


Your Personal Action Plan: Igniting Purpose in Your Spirit


- Purpose can ignite your spirit, providing personal meaning and deep satisfaction to your life. Purpose is the why-why you are here – and your own special calling. Purpose is the unique gifts and insights that you bring to the planet and can contribute to your world. Purpose fuels your efforts and gives you the drive to continue, no matter what the challenges.


If the secret to living a rich, meaningful life is to live in accordance with your purpose, the obvious question remains, How do those who don’t know their purpose discover it? It’s a difficult but important question, because lasting happiness depends on your ability to answer it truthfully.


William Marsten, a prominent psychologist, asked 3,000 people, “What have you to live for?” the results revealed that 94% responded by saying they had no definite purpose for their lives and it has been said that “everyone dies, but not everyone really lives.” Meanwhile, they simply survive, going through the mechanical motions of living, without ever experiencing the spark of aliveness, they watch their lives quickly pass by and become increasingly fearful that their lives will end before they experience any true joy or deep sense of purpose. Have you felt that way – that something was missing in your life? I did.


Identifying Our True Purpose in Life.


 Step 1: Discover Your Purpose.


Action 1: Start by writing “How I want to be remembered.” List the qualities, deeds, and characteristics for which you would like to be remembered by your friends, spouse, children, co-workers, the community, and even the world. If you have special relationship with other people or groups, such as church, club, or team, include them on the list too. In the process of waiting, you will begin to uncover your true value and the sources of meaning in your life. Ex. I want to be remembered by my wife as a loving husband, who always believed in her, a partner who encouraged her to expand her vision of what w ... Read more »

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         1.   Dreamers who dream only on small dreams. Many people whose greatest achievements in life are  behind them. A person who dreams in the past is a person whose life is over. That person needs to create a dream in the future in order to come back to life. It is also people who  still celebrate in getting good grades, being prom king or queen, graduating from a prestigious university, or being in the military. In other words, their best days are behind them.

        2. Dreamers who dream only on small dreams. These types of dreamers will dream only small dreams because they want to feel confident they can achieve them. The problem is, even though they know they can achieve them, they never do achieve them. These type of dreamers are often the most dangerous. They live like turtles,  tucked away in their own quiet padded room. If you knock on the shell and steal a quick look in one of the openings, they often take out and bite you. The lesson is let dreaming turtles dream. Most are not going anywhere and that is perfectly fine with them.

         3.  Dreamers who have achieved their dreams and have not set a new dream. This is an example of someone who has successfully achieved his dream and continues to live in the dream. “Twenty years ago, I dreamed of becoming a doctor. I became a doctor and now I am just bored with life. I enjoy being a doctor but something is missing.”

       4.  Dreamers who dream big dreams but do not have a plan on how to achieve them...so they wind up achieving nothing.   These people say, “I’ve just had a major breakthrough. Let me tell you about my new plan,” or “This time things will be different,” or “I’m turning over a new leaf,” or I’m going to work harder, pay off my bills, and invest,” or “I just heard of a new company coming to town, and they are looking for someone with my qualifications. This could be my big break.” “Very few people achieve their dreams on their own. People like this often try to achieve a lot, but they try to do it on their own. People like this should keep dreaming big, find a plan, and find a  team that will help them make their dreams come true.”

         5.   Dreamers who dream big achieve those dreams and go on to dream bigger dreams.  Most of us would like to be this kind of person. The network marketing business encourages people to dream big dreams and achieve their big dreams. Many traditional businesses don’t want people to dream personal dreams.

                                                KILLING THE DREAM

“Be aware of people who want to kill your dreams. There is nothing worse than a friend   or loved one killing your dreams.” There are people who may innocently or not so innocently, say things such as:

   1.   “You can’t do that.”

   2.   “That is too risky. Do you know how many people fail?”

   3.   ... Read more »

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 “We all have dreams, but to live our dreams, we have to pass ‘some kind of test’ by honoring our commitments in the face of many temptations”

 If you are sincere about improving your finances, you have to start by improving your thinking.

 “Just as a gardener cultivates his plot, keeping it free from weeds and growing the flowers and fruits which he requires,so may a man tend the garden of his mind, weeding out the wrong, useless, and impure thoughts and cultivating toward perfection the flowers and fruits of right, useful, and pure thoughts.”

Like weeds in a garden, negative thoughts keep popping up from time to time because the seeds (which were planted in our minds years ago) lie dormant in our subconscious until one day, booing, a handful of negative thoughts. As a gardener, it’s your job to dig up the negative thoughts and replant healthy, positive thoughts in their place.

One of the ways to do that is a technique I call Effective Erasing. Whenever a negative thought enters my mind, I imagine the sound of fingernails clawing down a blackboard, followed by a giant eraser wiping away the negative thoughts. That imagined sound reminds me to erase the negative thought and replace it with a positive one. I encourage you to think your own Effective Eraser.

Ex. Imagine the sound of a garbage truck backing up to empty a garbage can containing negative thoughts. The key is to think of a sound and an image that eliminates the negative thought. Sound corny, but it works.

Excuses: The Hardest Weeds to Kill

Just as there are there are hundreds of hardy weeds in a garden, some are harder to get rid of than others. Same goes for negative thoughts, and the most stubborn weed of negativity is called excuses.

We’re all prone to excuse making because excuses allow us to rationalize/lessen our failures. Excuses are weeds because they encourage us to give in and give up, instead of remaining positive and thinking of ways to overcome obstacles. People generally make excuses in one of the following seven areas:

Excuse #                                  Self-Talk

#1 Fear of Failure                “I won’t try because I might fail.”

#2 Pain of Change              “I’m not comfortable doing that.”

#3 Self Doubt                      “I’m not very good at (fill in the blank).”

#4 Blaming Others              “Mistakes were made by (blank).”

#5 Justifying                       “Everybody cuts corners, so I did, too.”

#6 Complaining                   "The problems is (company, products,  etc.).”

#7 Lack of Skills                 “I’ve never been able to talk to people.”

Excuses might make you feel better in the short run, but in the long run, they won’t you get R.E.A.L. and get rich.

... Read more »

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